Who are you?

We are a group of yuppies - "young urban professionals". We are busy and don't have much free time. However, we also live in Beautiful British Columbia. It means that we are unusual yuppies. We don't wear suits; instead we prefer shorts and yoga pants. We try to spend as much time as we can in The Great Outdoors.

Why yet another forecast site?

We like to go places. Places where you often can't get cell coverage. Where you don't see people for hours, or days. We need to plan these trips well in advance, and difference in a couple degrees can mean a difference between "it was a disaster" and "it was the best day ever" (I'm looking at you, skis!). Way too often we wanted to go somewhere, and we couldn't find a forecast for it, no matter how hard we searched.

Then, there are places we like to go nearby, and of course you can find forecast for it. But we need 5% of information on that page. We don't need X. Yet, others need it.

So we built this place. A place to help us with our forecast needs, just the way we want. Then, friends asked - why don't you help others? Indeed, why not?

Your English is terrible!

We know. Neither of us is a native speaker, so we're sorry. We'll improve with time, but for now - this is the best it gets.

Why should I subscribe to your newsletter?

We want to have a discussion with you! We want to help you, and we want to learn how we can do it better. The newsletter is one of our primary ways to talk with you.

We promise to not bother you too much. We promise to not send an email more often than a couple times per month. Let us talk with you!

My favorite place is missing!

Let us know! We know how disappointing it is. We know you want to go there. We know you want to be prepared.

I want more stuff!

Let us know! We don't promise to add it right away, or ever, but we really want to learn how we can make your life better, and help you go outside more often.

I want less stuff!

Often, you can hide things if you go to Settings. If you can't - let us know!

I want X!

Let us know! You got the idea...